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What We do

Web & Front-end development

Develop a product that’s fast, dynamic, and easy to use.

Nirman’s web developers and QA engineers are here to make every part of the user experience work smoothly - including the rough ones. Not only will we help you build a great user interface. We’ll also make sure that forgotten passwords or out-of-stock items don’t leave your customers confused, frustrated, or left behind.
We offer:

  • Competence in JS frameworks (e.g. React, Angular, Vue) and HTMLxCSS technologies
  • 1 or 2 week-long sprints followed by a demo
  • At least 2 developers in the team and possibility to scale up
  • PM and QA positions proportionally covered
  • Flexible involvement (e.g., you can take the PO role or simply have us report back with weekly progress)

Mobile Apps development

Keep your mobile customers engaged every step of the way.

We know that mobile app development involves plenty of tough decisions. Our extensive services help you make the right choices and build a product your customers will love using on the go.
We offer:

  • Native Android and iOS development
  • Cross-platform solutions including React Native, Xamarin, and Flutter
  • Thorough testing on all platforms and devices
  • Demos after each 1 or 2 week-long sprint
  • Scalability of team size and flexibility in your involvement

Backend development

Build systems that are stable, scalable, and secure.

Thinking about product architecture is essential from the start. Our team is here to make your back-end development lean, scalable, and secure every step of the way. Plus, we’ll make sure you don’t find yourself in any technical debt once our collaboration is done. Your developers can thank us later.
We offer:

  • We’re most skilled at Golang, Java and NodeJs (feel free to ask about others)
  • Every project has a QA to ensure the system is secure and stable
  • Flexible involvement with our PM (e.g., you can take the PO role or simply have us report back with weekly progress)
  • A demo after each 1 or 2 week-long sprint

Cloud development & deployment

Make sure that your solutions is reliably deployed on cloud

We know that developing cloud application requires in depth knowledge of cloud provider's services. That's why we make sure that we always keep learning latest offering by cloud providers and keep creating POCs to make sure it works the way we understand it.
We offer:

  • POC oriented execution to build reliable cloud solutions
  • High availability of deployed solution
  • Fault tolerance in time of disaster
  • Disaster recovery plan
  • Secure and highly reliable database deployment




UI development

Product strategy

Innovation consulting

Mobile apps development


React Native


Backend development


Node JS


Web & Front-end development






Cloud deployment and development

AWS Cloud Offerings

Azure Cloud Offerings


Docker based deployment

Google cloud Offerings


Technology is constantly growing. Here at Niraman, we as team make sure that we are always upto date with on going technology expansions.

When we take any project in our hand, we first understand project's nature, evaluate available technology solutions and then make decision based on time frame and vision of the project.

We have worked with startups, technical firms and local enterprises. With that vast experience we can help you thrive your business with reliable and scalable technical solutions.